Sharing Science: Skills Beyond Stats


Before OTS, I had participated in outreach events, but I never gave much thought to exactly how I was communicating with the general public. As part of the course, we had to design a talk, make a video, and write an article aimed at people without a science background. For me, it was the first time I had done any of these things for a general audience. When you interact with scientists everyday, it’s easy to forget that many of the terms and phrases we use regularly are completely foreign to the majority of people.

One of my favorite science communication activities was learning to make and edit videos in a way that makes your science interesting to non-biologists. To practice our editing skills, my group made this fun little “silent film”.

(Link coming soon)

I wasn’t expecting to learn these skills when I signed up for the course, but I realize how important it is to convince people that science is important. That was the goal of our feature film “The Dirt on Dirt”, which was made with the goal of educating the general public about the importance of soil. I’m excited to see how I can apply these skills to sharing my own research with the general public!


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