Pura Vida Maes! Literally this is Costa Rica (Chapter I: My lovely plants)


People love nature, at least many humans do. In some places, people pay high amounts of money to “know” a preserved forest just to be in contact with nature for pleasure. And during six weeks we had the privilege of traveling along Costa Rica knowing its highly diverse ecosystems: from dry forest, rain forest, montane and premontane forest to paramos. A small land with an incredible and stunning biodiversity!!


For me, an official plant-lover it was amazing to see many different plants and how they are correlated with climatic conditions. But especially I was caught by the kings of the forest, the trees. Oaks (Quercus sp.) in montane forest or strangler figs (Ficus sp.) in rain forest) appear suddenly during our walks to steal our attention. I just could think of all the years that they have passed in the same place, all the information that they could tell if it were possible. They are the real witness of our steps on this planet, but few people think on it.


Walking in the forest is food for my soul, I recharge energy each time that I have the opportunity to get inside it. I need just few a minutes to be bewitched by colors, sounds and forms. Flowers are one of my main distractions, especially orchids. These plants, that belong to one of the most diverse families in tropics are beyond the limits of specialization and coevolution. They are one of the most beautiful representations of the diversity of life. Really it is not possible to pass next to one of these plants without admiring its beauty.


Now I feel satisfied and happy for this unique opportunity that gave me so much distraction and pleasure. Enjoy forests is one of the best things to do and study them too!!


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