A Bird in the Hand…


Isn’t nearly as cool as lots of birds in the hand!  At Cuerici, our Faculty Led Project was to examine heterothermy (facultative hypothermia) in highland tropical birds.  After 3 days of mist-netting we had quite a collection of species.

DSC_3045_DxOThis little black-cheeked warbler was the first species we caught.

DSC_3052_DxOSooty robins have some really cool eyes.

DSC_3066_DxO.jpgAnd a Yellow-thighed finch (a.k.a. bitey)

DSC_3057_DxO.jpgJust look at those yellow thighs!
DSC_3096_DxOBirds always look weird from head-on like this Ruddy-capped nightingale thrush

DSC_3100_DxO.jpgSee, not so weird from profile…

DSC_3101_DxO.jpgA nice Sooty-capped bush tanager.

DSC_3142_DxO.jpgRufous-collared sparrow


DSC_3137_DxO.jpgAnd a tuckered-out Fiery-throated hummingbird

DSC_3133_DxO.jpgHere he is again. Just another bird in the hand…

In case you were wondering, we did find that 8 out of the 11 species we measured lowered their body temperatures at night, demonstrating that heterothermy is much more prevalent in high-elevation tropical bird communities than previously thought.



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