Never forgetting Stone Bridge


Photo taken by: Pilar Gómez

I remember exactly how I felt the majority of the times I walked across Stone Bridge over Río Sarapiquí at La Selva Biological Station. The surrounding evergreen forest offered a serene scene. Mornings, however, were full of energy. Crossing the bridge early in the morning provoked an enthusiastic sensation, which made me feel like I was ready to take on the world. At times when I crossed the bridge during the day, I felt like I was walking down a hall of fame. I wondered about how many times did scientists cross the bridge before making their mark in the scientific community.


Photo taken by: Pilar Gómez 

Afternoons at the bridge differed vastly from other times of the day. The scene was composed by the Caribbean sunset who painted with a variety of tangerine hues that appeared as if they swirled down the river accompanied by beautiful choruses of critters.


Photo taken by: Janelle Peña

However, the most magical moments on the bridge were at night. I usually crossed feeling battered from the day’s grind but I would stop from time to time in the middle of the bridge and thought about how grateful I was for such an incredible opportunity. On Stone Bridge, I was able to experience one of the most beautiful starry nights I had ever seen in my life. Different shapes and sizes of interstellar clouds created a stunning scene of what looked like diamonds woven on a tie-dye purplish-blue blanket. You can say I fell in love with Stone Bridge, especially since I’ll never forget how it made me feel.


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