Interactions: A vital component of the systems


According to the Oxford dictionary, interaction means reciprocal action or influence and a particular way in which matter, atomic and subatomic particles affect one another. As the end of the OTS Grad Course-2015 gets closer this concept used in community ecology reminds me that the emergence of life, the biological diversity and the human race itself shared the interaction component, we are interacting and reciprocally transforming each other.

Mixed green at La Selva

Mixed green at La Selva

As living organisms, we play an important role determining the presence or absence of other living organisms, a caterpillar feeding on a plant to obtain energy can exert a negative pressure across years resulting in deleterious effects on that plant species, but enabling at the time that subsequent generations of butterflies keep flying around the forests. The plants on the desert can shape the landscape providing shelters under extreme climatic conditions and creating fertility islands between the dry and harsh conditions that prevail, life islands. The limited resources represent a source of competition, another possible way of interacting not as nice as the previous one but again, necessary, and necessary to create the amazing diversity that my classmates, and now my friends, we all have seen during our trip in Costa Rica. The outcome and the mechanisms of the biotic interactions is what ecologists have tried to disentangle for many years.


Leaf Cutter Ants

Fortunately there are so many organisms and much more connections that will still providing questions. As the days progressed in this course, I realize that we all were influencing each other lives and changing cultural perspectives, teaching and learning other languages, watching our friends working hard in the field and knowing this persons better, the outcome of this journey is hope, happiness, beloved friends and a strong impulse to keep goint into tropical ecology. ♥

Ants on colorfull orchid


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