My enchanting ecological journey… fabulous!


The other day a wise man asked me “What has been the most memorable experience you have had in the OTS course?”.

In the beginning I didn’t know how to answer.  Many cool things have happened to me during this month and a half.

IMG_3832 IMG_3947 IMG_4133


But after giving it a little thought (actually, a lot), everything became so clear. What I value most of this course is the people. Everyone is a collection of experiences and I’m glad I had the chance to become part of them.

la selva

With that said and now that everyone is happy wit my blog post, I want to thank The Banditos (Alex Chase [aka El… … … Bebé] & Timothy Perez [aka The Spark]) for making possible the real memorable experience I had in the course. You guys took care of me, made me laugh, did a good job on the projects, and over all things… you stayed true to The Banditos way of living. Long live The Banditos!

IMG_2501 DSC_0336

Lastly but not least, I want to thank Carlitos (the driver, the friend, the helper, the dish cleaner, the one with the stories…) and Andrés Rojas (you can be a Bandito if you want… we welcome you). This course wouldn’t be what it was without you.

To everyone else I’ve met in the OTS graduate course… Thank you!

Passionately and sincerely, Michel.



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