Chasing Frogs (and Toads)


Of all of the amazing memories that I have of this trip and of Costa Rica, my favorite ones by far are those of wandering through the forest in search of frogs. Days spent working on our independent project looking for poison dart frogs Dendrobates auratus and Oophaga pumilio through La Selva will always be with me. I vividly remember the Ranitas scream when we found our first green and black poison dart frog (thanks of course to Vili luring them with her “here froggie, froggie, froggie” call).  And of course, I will never forget my first sighting of Rhinella marina (which was so huge that it looked like a small rabbit). Till next time Costa Rica!


DSC_0064-15 DSC_0047-3

Photos courtesy of Vilisa Moron Zambrano


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