It’s only natural


I am both a naturalist and a biologist. I am that person who won’t be caught dead without my binoculars, camera and field notebook when hiking. For summary purposes, and for the information of anyone interested in attending this course and curious about the diversity you could observe, I am providing a table at the bottom of this post of the estimated number of species that I saw at each site that we visited on the OTS 2015-3 course.

Anolis carpenteri at La Selva
Anolis carpenteri at La Selva

Of all of the sites we visited, my favorite was La Selva, because it had the highest diversity of reptiles and amphibians – my preferred study organisms. However, all of the places that we visited had their own special appeal for me, whether it was rare bird species, high lizard abundance, or beach-front lodgings (e.g. Cabo Blanco). The places we stayed, projects we did, and the wonderful people that I have lived with for 6 weeks, together created an incredible experience that reminded me how much I love Latin America and why I want to work in the Neotropics. I hope I can return to the Neotropics sometime soon to continue to study leaf litter reptile and amphibian communities. Voy a echar de menos Costa Rica!

Site Bird Species Reptile & Amphibian Species Mammal Species
Parque Nacional Palo Verde 37 15 8
Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco 21 12 8
Monteverde 23 3 4
La Selva 41 34 6
Cuericí 19 1 1
Las Alturas 7 2 2
Las Cruces 12 9 4

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