A Cheesy Game of Words


You guys, what an experience! Science, fieldwork, nice people, awesome places, gallo pinto, what else could I ask for in order to make this culturally enriching summer any better? A larger sample size? More pygids? Palm oil? Nothing, it does not get any better than this. Laundry, cooking, cleaning….DELETE. It seems like it is not possible to complain while you’re doing what you love, surrounded by people that are equally as passionate.

Just like El Bebé saying BIENVENIDO every time someone enters his room, that’s how Costa Rica welcomed us. Although I’m sure in Venezuela it would have been a similar experience. From ants to plants…from big buttresses to soundscape, this country certainly has a lot to deliver. We’ve experienced cloud forests, beaches, and everything in between, it has been buenazo! There are so many ecosystems and habitats out there waiting to be explored. So next time someone asks me ¿dónde está la biblioteca? I’ll tell them the cheesy-est respond ever: the world is your biblioteca, go explore it! This course has shown me that the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know about the world around you.

I would not change this experience for anything in the world. ¿Por qué? Porque yo lo digo. Why Why Why? Because of the knowledge I gained. Because of the places I visited. Because of the people I met. But mostly because there’s an amazing story behind every one of you. I love you guys, just as I love grad school, and for that reason I will miss you dearly (saudade). But relax, I know most of us will see each other again and will have even more stories to tell.



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