OTS Ballad


Apologies for this being excessively long – it started out as a normal song, but I wanted to include everyone, and there’s so many of you and you each deserve your own song. Needless to say I’ve spent far more time on this than my advisers need to know about. I’m about out of OTS distractions and will thus be forced to focus completely on graduating, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think instead I’m gonna plan another science adventure to CR or Kenya or someplace that’s not D.C. I fell on the ice today and cursed really loudly in front of a group of my students and to the insurance adjuster I was on the phone with. I’m gonna go apply to jobs where ice doesn’t grow…..

Anyway, this stupid thing is like 5 minutes long, so grab a bowl of cereal or a baby sloth or something to entertain you.


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