OTS Winter 2015 or An Introduction to the ART of SCIENCE


This experience in Costa Rica was amazing: tons of adventures in the Tropical forest and a bunch of awesome strangers who became friends. Throughout this course I felt almost like in a good lucid dream, mixed with a reasonable lack of sleep and an incredible amount of work. Really, who would not feel in a sort of fantasy with these characters!!IMG_9613IMG_9611IMG_9612


After one month I finally understand what I learned from this challenging experience: behind good science there is always a good story, and this story becomes effective only when the reader audience gets it like clear crystal. In that sense, a scientist’s success is valued in the light of novel knowledge, and how that knowledge impacts the bigger picture of the research framework.

So as scientists, almost like novel writers, we need to motivate our audience by setting the ground so it gets why our questions are so awesome, and how our complicated methods can lead us to test our hypothesis and answer those questions. To facilitate this, most of the times our story needs to be outlined even before we start collecting data. In other words, we need to have a good idea of how our figures will look like, because they are key components of the clarity of our story.

We all love our study systems, and in our stories they should be the protagonist characters, i.e the ideal subject to test out hypothesis on. However, like in many novels, our stories usually have an open ending, because there is always so much more to investigate. A good science story should open the door to create new stories! Maybe I kind of knew this already, but after this course it became clearer than ever.


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