A sea shanty farewell…


It’s been a week since I left Costa Rica, and just wanted to check in. I’m sure it’s been crazy for everyone since we last all saw each other, catching up with classes and everything else in our lives that we put on pause to tromps about in the tropics and do awesome science. But if anyone else is feeling a little sentimental or is missing the social bond that such an intense experience begets, here’s a little something to listen to:

One of my fondest memories of our times together was gathering round in Cuericí to decompress and make music. Whether listening, playing, or singing along, what happens when you share music is beautiful. (Also, scientifically cool: hearts beat together discovery article, original journal article)

Liz, thank you for sharing your soulful voice, and this song. I’ve had it stuck in my head constantly, and it totally resonates with us all parting ways at the end of the course. May we all have many more adventures in the future and keep our friendships close at heart!

In this recording, Liz is playing guitar and singing melody, and I’m singing the harmony.

¡Pura vida!


Mingulay Boat Song

Originally written by Hugh S. Roberton many moons ago

C         G               C    G

Heal ya ho, boys, let her go boys

C             D                   C                G     Em

Bring her head round into the weather

C         G               C    G

Heal ya ho, boys, let her go boys

C             D                   C                 G

Sailing homeward to Mingulay

What care we how wide the Minch is

What care we for wind and weather

Heal ya ho, boys, every inch is

Sailing homeward to Mingulay


Wives and sweethearts on the hillside

Gazing seaward through the heather

Let her go boys, and we’ll anchor

Eve’s the sun sets on Mingulay


When the wind is wild with shouting

And the waves mount ever higher

Anxious eyes gaze ever seaward

To see us home boys to Mingulay




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