Why did you choose the Gringos Field Ecology OTS course instead of the Latinos Ecología de Campo de OET???


This was an interesting question I was asked several times during the course so I have been thinking in the answer and I would like sharing it. I think my answer is divided in two parts, the first one includes the reasons why I chose Gringo’s course and the second one includes the reasons why I would recommend it since I survived it haha.


The main reason why I chose the Americans course was the language, English!!! After 15 years of English classes in Peru I still need English classes in real life, that real moments in which you have to think fast, open your mouth and move your tongue to express yourself in English. Also because I was feeling completely ready to stay out from my comfort zone… what could be worst?… I’m not anymore in my country, with my people, costums and food (oh my Peruvian food). And my third reason!!! American Tropical biologists many times talk about Latin-Americans countries and they don’t even have been there, they don’t really know our reality or our reasons to study our nature, but they are good people, they just need to spend more time with us haha a little piece of Latin-American’s pride!!!


Once in the course, definitely you will practice and improve your English, with no time to even practice a statement before an oral presentation, it’s just about to loosen up and try to enjoy the moment. However, the best part about languages is that many gringos could speak a little bit of Spanish and they would probably have cute accents and ways to speak our lovely language. Pienso que son adorables and listening to them is buenaaazooo…You not only will be out from your comfort zone, you will have a moment to know and test yourself, so be ready for the new things you could discover, at the end of the way you will see there was a positive side. Definitely you will meet nice American people, at the beginning they will be funny and will keep distance from you but at the end even the tough one will hug you and scratch your head. But don’t worry, if at some point you need Latino’s love for sure there will be one more Latin@ in the course to bother you as just we know or some Centro American that will tell you Pura Vida!


Last advice… come on Latinos go for the Gringos Field Ecology OTS course, DON’T BE BABIES!!!!

 Rossana (alias PERU)


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