Course begins, with a few bumps, a lot of R, and intense SciComm skills workshop


Posting this a few days late, but the course has begun (a week ago)!!! So many things to report. Too many. The students are here. All of them. It took a few days and some creative means of collecting them, one from the airport, one from a gas station on the side of the road, and the last on the way to La Selva, but we’ve got them!

The first few days in Palo Verde seem like a year ago… and they were! We rung in 2015 dancing salsa, drinking rum, and running away from mosquitos. Miguel Acevedo, a professor from the University of Puerto Rico, joined us for a few days and blew our minds with stats, R code, and modeling. He was amazing! After a few intense days of SciComm, the students hit the forest running, chasing their projects (and making films along the way). This is an amazing group and if their silent films are any indication, their full fledged short films will be stellar.



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