Good times



A moment in timeAs I’m writing this, almost everyone (Megan, Shelly, Aiden and Jessica are missing) is finishing some sort of project. I can hear the power couple behind me talking about something or other. Emily is right next to me working hard on splicing the recording we just made for our podcast. She’s pretty awesome btw. Forest is helping Maanav with some technical stuff for the podcast.  Dan is in the corner table singing to himself while he works on one of the projects. Colleen is sitting staring at her laptop, looking cool and laid back as always and making it look easy.  James and Aviv—the other power couple—are also working on their podcast. Even Jane is here.  She’s probably working hard, working on edits for many of our papers, loading stuff up to the interweb, or possibly on twitter.

Tomorrow will be our last day together. We’ve been together 6 weeks and I’ve gone from thinking of them as strangers to thinking about them as more than friends.  I remember thinking my first day at Cabo Blanco that 6 weeks was such a long time. Now I feel like 6 weeks went by so fast. There are so many memories, I could spend weeks coming up with things to reminisce about. Cabo Blanco was the place where we learned a lot of deep, DEEP, stuff about each other out on the porch. Palo Verde, was the place where mosquitoes pretty much ran the place and made you their bitch. At Monteverde, I remember the moment when I couldn’t believe that I could see both the Atlantic and Pacific sides from the top of the continental divide. Simply put, it was unbelievably amazing. La Selva was for the time spent making podcasts and really kool videos. Cuerici was the place where I felt like I was on top of the world when we hiked the Paramo. Las Alturas was the place that felt like home and I was with family. And finally, Las Cruces will be remembered as the place where we came together for an amazingly fun group photo-shoot.

I’ve learned a lot during these 6 weeks. My ability to formulate questions and write papers has been greatly enhanced. Jane and Jenny (the third power couple?) have been amazing in helping us out with all of that and I appreciate that immensely.  Victor is probably the best TA that has ever existed—he practically knows all the animals in all of Costa Rica in my opinion. Aviv will get stung by something no matter what.  Jess is funny 0.0000000000000005% of the time (she’s quite funny when her jokes hit the mark though). Maanav can grow anything, build everything and knows every religion and culture in the world. And Jeff isn’t really from Australia, he actually comes from the great country of Africa.

So the end is near. I am dead tired. We will head our separate ways but I hope that somehow we can all stay in touch. If not, we’re bound to meet somewhere in the future I hope. Until then, I’m glad to have taken this course with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.


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