Pura vida en el Cerro de la Muerte


After a week of intense work for the students at La Selva, in the Caribbean lowlands of Heredia (the best province of Costa Rica, of course), we were traveling to Cerro de la Muerte passing through Cartago and San José Provinces. That place is one of the highs peaks in Costa Rica, almost 3500 masl, with an important amont of lower montane tropical forest, high montane tropical forest (oak forest) and subalpine paramo. The name refers that in the past many people died trying to crossing it (when the Panamerican Highway was absent), because during night the temperature can be below 0 C°, the place is windy and with a relative humidity of 100% (deadly combo in the Tropics). We were learning a lot about niche modeling with Rob Guralnick and David Bloom of VertNet (both nice guys, birders and informatic biologists). Also we share experiences with don Carlos and don Alberto, owners of Cuericí Biological Station. So, bla bla bla…its better if you watch the photos, pictures say more about that incredible place than my poor english…

Nota: If you have a pure heart you will be able to watch the magic animal in the post…

(Up to down) A) Male of Resplendant Quetzal (not “cuetsal”, basic latin…you know 😉 ) in Cuericí. B) Ancient oak forest in Cuericí (Aidan and Rob after the salamander sampling) (ca. 2950 masl). C) Monoceros cuericensis, the magical unicorn that lives there…if you look carefully there is an elf walking, some poeple called him “Aviv”. D) OTS grad course 2014-2 in Cuericí.E) Shelley relaxing in the subalpine paramo of Cerro Sakira (3400 masl). D) Cerro de la Muerte, panoramic view. F) The tico T.A. with his cap of PILSEN, very happy to be there. G) Paramo bromeliad (Puya dasilyrioides) in bloom. H) James, Dan and Peter looking the Pacific Ocean from the paramo. I) Emily with a male Dragon Lizard (Mesaspis monticola). J) Jane, the course coordinator, in Cerro Sakira. K) James, Jeff and don Alberto in the paramo. La pasamos “en todas” 🙂

DSCF6830 DSCF6801


DSCF6738 DSCF6735


DSCF6711DSCF6693 DSCF6755



Photos by Víctor Acosta Chaves, the course T.A.



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