Up all night to win


If I could do anything with guaranteed success, I’d be an actress in action/adventure movies (don’t worry, biology is a close second!). I’m not a huge fan of the one-in-a-million odds of becoming a successful actress, though, so I never went that route. But, when we were told that we had to create a story and movie about our project, I was excited, initially. As it turns out, creating a story, doing your research project, and giving a presentation all in three days leaves very little room for filming. We ended up with maybe three quarters of our footage and no editing done, with only one day left to finish it.

Sometimes you think that editing your movie will be a quick and easy experience. And sometimes you’re wrong. We thought we’d knock out the editing by maybe 2am and then have only a few things to finish up, but 2am came and went. Then 3am. Then 4am. By 4:30 I decided it was shower time, saw a cool owl, and then it was breakfast time! After breakfast, we went straight back to the grind of editing our film and shooting a few more scenes. As the sun rose over the horizon, our group started thinking about doing some major overhauls. I did not get enough sleep for that sort of talk. I just wanted it to be done. I tried to talk them out of it, but they all agreed that James should narrate the middle part. I worked on editing a bit more, realized I was getting grumpy, so decided to go take a nap. It was the right decision. I felt much better afterward and was glad I didn’t manage to talk them out of having James narrate. James brought an awesome Bill Nye the Science Guy character to our movie that made it even more fantastic! Our movie had to be finished by 6pm if we wanted to eat dinner, and we got it done just in time.

After dinner, we all walked over to our film festival, where we watched all three videos. Our video was about strawberry poison frogs, another group filmed bug sex, and the third group talked about bats and ants. At the end, there was a vote for the best film. The strawberry poison and bug sex films were neck and neck the whole time. Then a late vote came in and shifted the vote to our film! Staying up all night actually paid off when we got our prize of… oh wait, there was no prize. Well, it was fun, anyway.

Film Festival Winners!The “A Matter of Taste” team 🙂



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