…when you’re having fun


In the last 4 weeks, as we’ve come further and further south in Costa Rica, it has felt a bit like rolling faster and faster down a science hill, gathering speed and skills along the way. Now very suddenly, the course is in its final days and we’ll soon be coasting to a stop. Today the students are wrapping up their 5th and final research project of the course, and they will present the results after dinner. There is also a faint buzz in the air from the drafts of various research reports being emailed back and forth between coordinators and students, and you can almost smell the learning happening there. Stress levels are up, and crunch time is now. I imagine it will be released this evening, as some festivities are brewing along with the Spanish OTS Grad Course that is here at the same time. Tomorrow morning we will head back north on the bus to San Jose for a final dinner and the completion of the course. It has been a truly enjoyable and educational ride, getting to know this group of 18 students. Its been wonderful to relive my own OTS grad course experience from the other side, and also to push myself and help Jane to push the course into themes and activities where we’ve never gone before. I’m crossing my fingers for a few final wildlife sightings before ending this month of station life and before the coming goodbye hugs of the unforgettable students from 14-1.


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