Up on the Mountain, life at Cuericí


We just came down the mountain.  We have spent the last five days at the Cuericí Biological Station in the Talamanca Mountains.  It was a breath of fresh air, quite literally, from the hot, humid, sweaty mess we have become accustomed to over the past couple weeks.  We were welcomed by our host Don Carlos and assisted by Don Alberto, both are kind-hearted, intelligent and patient men. We hiked through secondary and primary forest, observing the unique forest composition of oak and bamboo. Here we were let loose, in a sense, to explore, develop and execute our first independent research projects for this OTS course.  I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the research our students developed in just a couple days.  This was a great opportunity for all of us to take a minute and really think about some of the patterns we observe in nature.  One other amazing habitat we got to visit was the páramo.  This is a high elevation habitat and we were amazed by the views and 3500 m you can’t get much better than that.  Another expert, Wendy, joined us for our hike through this extreme habitat.  She had extensive knowledge of the naturally occurring medicinal plants in the páramo.  The overall consensus of the class was we didn’t want to leave.  We were slow getting out the door, loading the truck and we were dragging our already muddy boots up the mountain, wishing we didn’t have to say good-bye.  IMG_8524 Victor is in love squishy fungus! Poodle horses say good-bye Camilo enjoying it all mountain berries Don Alberto


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