Student Videos


7 thoughts on “Student Videos

    • jz

      Thanks Cesar! The videos were so so wonderful, the students worked so hard (and hardly slept), but they put so much creativity and love into their work, it really shows. We miss you!!

  1. Jane and Jenny- I’m so proud of you and your students for making the Fundamentals course so relevant and fresh. Go Science Communication! The videos make me want there to be with you, but they allow me to be a couch biologist while I’m recovering!

    • jz

      Thanks so much Erin! I feel like I am absolutely following in your footsteps in everything I am doing with the grad course (and Jenny can attest that I talk about you all the time). I hope you can come hang out with the course this summer in Cabo Blanco. Maybe we can climb into the canopy and make a little film about canopy life? Or film some crabs fighting with mice and eating seedlings?

  2. Anne Gearhart

    These videos really take me back to my own experiences as a student on OTS97-1. I plan to share these videos with the community college students I work with now, both in my classes, and in the clubs I help supervise.

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