Dreams come true!


It has been my dream since 4th grade to travel to a tropical rain forest and experience all the unique characteristics and species within it.  After transforming our hallways into a magical rain forest and learning more about what makes them so special, I was hooked. As I grew up, my passion for the tropics further developed into a love and appreciation for tropical research.  One of my life long goals has been to travel to Costa Rican tropical rain forests and do research within them.  Here, now, at this moment, I am fulfilling that dream, as I stand in the beauty of La Selva Biological Station, a tropical rain forest reserve.  It has been a long journey through my life to make it here, but I have finally made it! The experience so far has been amazing and positively overwhelming.  My eyes have poured with tears of joy and happiness multiple times this week already.  It is a surreal experience to be here, to be surrounded with amazing researchers and professionals with so much talent and knowledge. I feel so fortunate to be receiving training and learning from them!!! As I am creating this blog, I hear the choir of frogs calling and crickets chirping. In the past two days, I have already seen three amphibian species I’ve been dreaming to see— the strawberry poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio), the green poison dart frog (Dendrobates auratus), and the cane toad (Bufo marinus).  Last night, I stood outside in the middle of a tropical rainstorm and just took in all its energy and beauty—and of course, got soaking wet!  People thought I was crazy, but I was living my dream!  Well, I’m looking forward to starting our group research project on poison dart frog acoustics tomorrow and everything else to come! ( Still can’t believe I can say that about the frogs in real life!)

~Pura Vida~  :p


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