last images from Palo Verde


As we leave the tropical dry forest, these images remain in my mind:

  • Furry raccoon-faced coatis rubber-nosing through the fallen leaves for delicious morsels, their plush tails waving like flags.
  • Earnest acacia ants ferociously patrolling their aboreal kingdom, resident larva, and fatty-golden food droplets.
  • Giant 6 inch grasshoppers with red and black pleated wings.
  • Scaly iguanas basking in the sun before bolting into the rain gutter
  • Wrinkled gremlin-faced bats with neck folds like ski mufflers
  • Woody serpentine vines embroidering the forests like ric-rac
  • Skies filled to overflowing with crystalline stars, spilling down into a many-eyed marsh.

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