How to mist-net without poles and our last bat night at Palo Verde


 The first week of our field work here at Palo Verde has been amazing, tropical dry

forest is without a doubt one of the most interesting places to work, so… what better way to say good bye to this amazing place than mist-netting!!  The dry forest has some of the most interesting bats I have ever seen (e.g. Centurio senex) so we took one night of mist-netting to relax and get to see some more bats. In our first night at Palo Verde, David and Otto (our guides here) showed us eleven species of bats, amazing for just one night of sampling !!.

So the Bat team decided it would be nice to get a last glance, and we headed out to the woods to make one attempt to catch the elusive Centurio.

In the lack of poles to set them up, the methodology we used was  “elevated mist-netting” this consists of finding a nice place with high branches and enough space in the canopy to set up the net, then, a set of ropes is thrown over the branches and the net is attached to them on both sides.  After that all you need to do is to secure the ropes to a log or a rock and that’s it! No poles needed! This easy set up can even be performed if you are on your own and can get you to capture some rare bats too!

We only caught one bat, from the genus  Micronycteris, but still this was a good goodbye night for the Bat team at Palo Verde, we got to practice our skills and warm up a little bit for the coming mist-netting nights!. 


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