Fringe-lipped bat


All bat species that we saw last night were fascinating but in particular the frog eating fringe-lipped bat (Trachops cirrhosus) caught by David Villalobos, a graduate student from University of Costa Rica (UCR). This species specializes in frogs and many cool experiments involving mating calls by tungara frogs and these amazing bats are being done by researchers from around the world. Mahmood Sasa, the Station’s Director was telling us previously about the history and management of Palo Verde National Park and immediately after we were hand-on (well, some of us) learning about some bats that are present in here and their natural history. An interesting fact: Bats happen to be the most diverse group of mammals present in this country, representing +- 99 spp out of 212 spp of mammals reported here. So, with no doubts we have started a journey in bat’s paradise.

Here you can see Lisa Powers holding and releasing our winged friend


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