First impression of Costa Rica


December 29th 2013

Our first day in Costa Rica was as full as it gets. We got up at 6.30, had breakfast at 7, just in time to rush into the bus and take off to the field at 8. Done at 10pm.

Of the wealth of new experiences today, one is lingering: the cries of howler monkeys at dusk.

Walking back from the viewpoint of La Roca , after the most stunning sunset over the wetland of Palo Verde -picture a vast, mountain-ringed plain, lushes of vivid green and shiny waters – I heard an unfamiliar whoosh.

It started as deep, grave, almost lulling far away voices that I could hardly tell apart from the wind. As I got closer, they became louder, more distinguishable, and eventually transformed into barks.

Walking through the forest at twilight to the sound of these eery voices, in a mix of wonder, amazement and disquiet, is my most vivid impression of my first day in Costa Rica.


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